Who.Unfollowed.Me on twitter

Track Your Twitter Unfollowers with Who.Unfollowed.Me

Free to Join

For users with up to 25k friends/followers, Who Unfollowed Me provides a limited functionality 'Lite' version. There is a paid 'Pro' version that has more features and can accommodate users with up to 75k friends/followers.

Check Unfollowers

Never go looking through your follower list trying to figure out who unfollowed you again. With a few clicks you can see who unfollowed you and easily return the favor. Pro users can save more time by having them sorted.

Not Following Back

Knowing who you follow that doesn't follow you back is an easy way to clear our an overloaded following list. Following everyone back is easier when you can see who follows you that you don't follow back... yet!

Pro User Upgrades

Following, Unfollowing & Force Unfollowing users from the site makes the Pro Upgrade immediately worth the $8.99 A YEAR. Another main feature includes the whitelist & blacklist, for those not following back. See all the Pro user features on our Plans & Pricing page.

No Emails or Direct Messages

Checking unfollowers isn't something you want to wait for. Never again wait for an Email or Direct Message to tell you who unfollowed you. After signing in, you can see exactly who unfollowed you since the last time you were here.

No Spam... ever

You won't ever see an automatic auto-generated spam tweet on your timeline. If you would like to tweet about your unfollowers, and promote who.unfollowed.me, you can. Simply click a 'tweet this' button and share with your followers.