Who.Unfollowed.Me on twitter

What is Who.Unfollowed.Me?

a problem solver

Someone unfollowed you, and you don't know who is was. Who.Unfollowed.Me solves that problem by focusing on a single thing, tracking unfollowers. Over time, that now includes tracking new followers, who you aren't following back & who isn't following you back. At our core, we are and always will be an unfollower tracker.

a time saver

Trying to track unfollowers on your own can take a considerable amount of time, even if you have a system that works for you. There are people that print out profile pages and keep binders of followers to keep track... yes, really. Let Who.Unfollowed.Me take care of the tracking for you.

a cool project

Built in a weekend and launched in February of 2010, Who.Unfollowed.Me is managed by one individual, @cjgraphix. In almost 4 years the project has spanned every country in the world, and serves an active 1.5 million users monthly.