Frequently Asked Questions


Will you spam my timeline?

No. That's it. No.

How often do you check my information?

That depends on what kind of account you have. Lite user data can update once per hour. Pro users can update every time the Twitter Rate Limit refreshes. Super Pro user can update as often as the Twitter Rate Limit will allow.


I lost a follower, but they didn't show up?

They have either had their account suspended by twitter, or they have completely deleted their account. Either way Twitter isn't giving us any information on them.

Why can't I unfollow my unfollowers?

If you don't see an unfollow button for the user that means you are not following them.

New Followers

Why can't I follow my new followers?

If you don't see a follow button for the user, that means you are already following them.

Follow Back

What are the no follow / no unfollow lists about?

These pro features remove people from the 'not following me back' & 'I'm not following back' pages.


I lost a follower, but they didn't show up... what gives?

Go Pro

Why should I pay to track unfollowers?