Why use Who.Unfollowed.Me?

Managing followers is time consuming.

Some of you watch your followers count like a hawk, and when that number goes down the search is on for who it was. The more followers you have, the more time consuming that search can become. Every time you sign in to Who.Unfollowed.Me, we ask twitter for list of your followers and compare it to the last time we asked twitter for your followers. Once the hamsters have finished running the calculations, you get to see who's new (followers) and who's gone (unfollowers).

Twitter is about conversations.

Most people on twitter are just like anyone you might encounter during your day... your morning barista, the grocery store clerk, the takeout delivery kid, whoever. You have pleasant conversations from time to time. Now imagine they can't hear anything you say, but you can hear everything they say. Eventually, you get tired of listening and stop drinking coffee, grow all your own food, and stop ordering takeout.

No Spam... ever.

Twitter is already overrun with spam. You can tell people about Who.Unfollowed.Me, we appreciate it when you do, and we make it easy... but we would never make that decision for you. We don't even give you the option to auto-tweet from the site... we would rather spend time building features that make Who.Unfollowed.Me better. If you ever think we have sent spam from your account please show us the tweet (take a screenshot before you delete it!). They are always from other sites that track unfollowers.

Price Comparison

There are a lot of options when it comes to tracking unfollowers. Most of these services have a free option, but their paid options are far and beyond what any normal person should ever have to pay to track unfollowers. Almost $3,000 dollars to track unfollowers on twitter... who pays that?

Website Low End High End
Who.Unfollowed.Me $24.99 $39.99
JustUnfollow $59.88 $2399.88
Unfollowers.com $69.00 $490.00
Friend or Follow $119.88 $2999.88
Manage Flitter $144.00 $588.00